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  • TIA CARRIERE - this girl from Wayne's World" is seeking more success.
  • CHRISTINA CHANG - recently on the late David Kelley's "Girls Club"
  • MARGARET CHO - a talented comic and actress.
  • CHINA CHOW - "The Big Hit" was the last major picture from the daughter of Michale and Tina Chow.
  • DEBORAH CRAIG - Korean (adopted) actress seen in Big Daddy, Third on a Match , Innocence Lost and Under:Elegy. Other work includes the music video "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" w/ Prince, lead vocals on sound trackrack for "The Legend of Faraway Bayou" and a current cd in progress w/ her girl group "Personified".
  • AYESHA DHARKER - she is Queen Jamillia of Naboo in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones
  • TAKEI YOEU ESGUERERA - Cambodian regugee is a fast-rising spoken word performer and author.
  • KELLY HU - Beautiful actress from Hawaii had starred in "Martial Law."
  • KRISTIN KREUK - featured actress on the WB's "Smallville"
  • LUCY LIU - Star first came to fame in the tv show "Ally McBeal."
  • SANDRA TSING LOH - writer/performer who has appeared on stage, radio and television.
  • JODI LONG - continuing the entertainment industry tradition of her parents who performed at the "Forbidden City" Night Club.
  • FRANCIS NUYUN - seen in "South Pacific" and a famous episode in the show "Star Trek."
  • SUCHIN PAK - MTV news reporte
  • MERLE OBERON - famous Anglo-Indian actress who was born in February 19, 1911 and starred in films such as Wuthering Heights, Dark Angel, Men of Tomorrow and The Private Lives of Henry VIII - among many others
  • KATE RIGG - a Hapa comic artist who focuses on the definition of the “C” word.
  • LEA SALONGA - The Original Ms. Saigon
  • KIANA TOM - Success story seen on ESPN
  • TAMLYN TOMITA - Seen in Joy Luck Club, Karate Kid 2, hundred percent and others
  • MING NA WEN - Beautiful actress from the films Mulan, Joy Luck Club, ER and others.
  • SUZANNE WHANG - Host, actress and comedian
  • ANNA MAY WONG - 1st Asian American female star from the 1920's.
  • CHURCH OF RHYTHM - Multi-ethnic Christian group in the 1990’s
  • JOCELYN ENRIQUEZ - Filipina Diva is a "Dancing Queen" on the charts
  • HIROSHIMA - Trail-blazing jazz group
  • JON JANG - Jazz keyboardist that combines Chinese and jazz elements within his music.
  • MICHAEL KANG - Member of “String Cheese Incident”
  • MINORU MIKI - Composer mixes the East with the West, old with the new & the US with Japan.
  • YOYO MA - World-renown cellist heard in the film "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"
  • SEIJA OZAWA - World class conductor
  • TV SHOWS - List of regular APA TV cast members
  • CARTOON SHOWS - list of APA’s that are regular cast members of cartoon shows in the 2001-2002 season
  • LEROY CHIAO (Ph.D.) - Part of NASA since July 1991. He flew as a mission specialist on STS-65 in 1994 and STS-72 in 1996 - that included two space walks."
  • KALPANA CHAWLA - First Indian American woman to fly in a US Space Shuttle. Died in the Columbian tragedy on February 2, 2003
  • EDWARD TSANG LU (Ph.D.) - Selected by NASA in December 1994, he has served as a mission specialist on STS-84 (May 15-24, 1997), NASA's sixth Shuttle mission to rendezvous and dock with the Russian Space Station Mir.
  • MAMORU MOHRI - Dr. Mohri has been part of NASA since August 1996 and is assigned to STS-99, the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission."
  • SOICHI NOGUCHI - Part of NASA since August 1996.
  • ELLISON ONIZUKA - died on January 28, 1986 when Challenger exploded 1 min. 13 sec. after launch.
  • SUSAN AU ALLEN - is President of the United States Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC), and chair of the Excellence 2000 Awards. She is also an lawyer at Paul Shearman Allen & Associates
  • GEORGE ARATANI - Using philanthropy to fight prejudice California-born George Aratani, the Japanese-American founder of Mikasa Chinaware and Kenwood Electronics, has been a "quiet" but high-impact philanthropist.
  • SABEER BHATIA - founded (w/Jack Smith) founded Hotmail, one of the Internet's first Web-based e-mail service providers
  • LEO CHU - Leo Chu is the president of California Casinos Management Inc., and Century Gaming, companies involved in ownership and management of Crystal Park Casino and Hollywood Park Casino, respectively.
  • JOHNY CHUNG - Johnny Chung, a Taiwan-born American citizen, gave nearly $400,000 to Democrats from 1994 to 1996, including $100,000 from a Chinese military intelligence officer, and visited the White House nearly 50 times, often with Chinese business clients and was sentenced.
  • NGUYEN MINH CHAU - aspires to be in the Maryland House of Delegates. She is a fourth-term elected Council member for the town of Garrett Park, and a representative of the Maryland Municipal League (MML) and the Garrett Park Elementary School.
  • DENNIS FUNG - the King of Computer Gamers has achieve a great deal of success and money by the age of 22!
  • KEIKO HARVEY - Verizon's Senior Vice-President of Advance Services and Digital Subscriber Lines (business & consumr)
  • JOHN HUANG - Democratic Fund-Raiser that was convicted of violation campaign finance laws.
  • ANDREA JUNG - President at Avon. She oversees all of Avon's international operations and soon to be COO. She joined Avon in January 1994 as senior vice president, product marketing, and was promoted to her last position in March 1997 before her presidency.
  • GENE KAN - innovative and creative computer programmer whose ability to clearly communicate made him the unofficial spokesman for Gnutella and for file-sharing applications in general..
  • YUI SAI KAN - created Chinese fashion doll
  • JEONG KIM - Group President at Lucent Technologies after his company (Yurie Systems) was purchased. He has won numerous awards and is ranked the 20th richest person in America under the age of 40.
  • CUNG LE - former world championship fighter and one of biggest draw of PPV fight events owns a series of “UsH” that owns training centers, produces live events/workout vides and sports merchandise.
  • TOMMY LE - A U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission program manager who has been consistently involved in school and community activities.
  • CONRAD LEE - U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) administrator of Region 10, which encompasses programs and services in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.
  • JENNY MING - She became president of Old Navy after being part of the management team that led the creation in 1994 of Old Navy, which became the fastest-growing apparel retail start-up in U.S. history. Ming was executive vice president of Old Navy prior to her promotion.
  • LOIDA NICOLAS - The first Asian woman to pass the New York bar examination was Loida Nicolas, an alumna of the University of the Philippines. In the mid-1990s, she headed the European-based multi-billion dollar business TLC Beatrice International Holdings, Inc. Time Magazine's Thomas McCarroll noted in October 1996: "She is perhaps the only CEO of a multinational company to greet visitors with a hug rather than a handshake."
  • SCOTT OKI - former Microsoft SVP of Sales and Marketing, has used his estimated $750 million fortune to create the Oki (non-profit) Foundation. Oki sits on the boards of 20+ nonprofits and manages his investment company, Oki Developments.
  • VIRGINIA P'AN - formed TransCapital Group, a company that helps Western corporations form strategic alliances within the Chinese market.
  • I.M. PEI - one of the U.S.'s most famous architects. The Chinese American architect designed such famous buildings as the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., the Bank of China in Hong Kong, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and the Louvre Pyramid in Paris.
  • JOHN SIE - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Starz Encore Group LLC (Starz Encore), one of the largest and fastest-growing owners of premium cable networks, as well as the International Channel, the nation's premier in-language cable network for immigrant Americans
  • KIMORA LEE SIMMONS - As the youngest star (13 years old) ever in the House of Chanel. She has modeled for Chanel; Yves St. Laurent; Valentino; Mizrahi; Donna Karan; Ralph Lauren; Armani; Issey Miyaki; Yamamoto, etc. She's the Design Director & Marketing force behind Baby Phat, Kimora Lee Baby Phat Jeans collection - a $40 million annual clothing line.
  • TODAI RESTAURANTS - Brothers Kaku and Toru Makino founded this thriving sushi-buffet restaurants that is managed by Hans Kim.
  • CHARLES WANG - This Shanghai native (Mao drove the family out) Charles Wang founded Computer Associates, Inc in 1976 with 3 associates, a single product and a simple idea: that technology must serve business. Computer Associates has proven itself to be an ingenious company, ranking as the third largest software company worldwide and the world leader in mission-critical business software.. Under Wang's guidance, the company's net worth has expanded to $25 billion, with revenue of $4.7 billion in fiscal year 1998 and employs more than 11,000 people in 43 countries. In addition, Mr. Wang is the author of TECHNO VISION II: Every Executive's Guide to Understanding and Mastering Technology - in addition to owning hockey's New York Islanders!
  • KENNETH WONG - Former president of Walt Disney Imagineering and president of Pop.Com
  • THOMAS WU - President and CEO of San Francisco-based United Commercial Bank - the nation's largest bank serving the Chinese-American community. Bank has $2.4 billion in assets and 27 branches throughout California

  • RUTH ASAWA - this San Francisco-based sculptor, born in 1926, has been nationally acclaim for her works during the past 40+ years. Asawa's work include the Mermaid Fountain at Ghirardelli Square, Hyatt Fountain at Union Square and the Japanese American Internment Memorial Sculpture at the San Jose Federal Building. Her work can be seen at the Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art and the Oakland Museum of California.
  • SANDRA CHANG - The art and imagination of Sandra Chang expresses a mixture of powerful sexuality, social comment, a touch of sarcasm, and at the very least, a touch of her own femininity - as seen through her most popular characters, DAGNY AND HENDRIX.
  • JEROME CHEN - Visual Effects Supervisors for films such as Stuart Little, Stuart Little 2 (sequel), Jode Foster's Contact, Dean Devlin's Godzilla while using Maya and Silicon Graphics Octane 2 visual worstations.
  • DOUG CHIANG - Oscar winning animator
  • FRANK CHO - Check out some of his works at the Washington Post.
  • KINGMAN DONG - world famous watercolorist has seen his great artistry in films, paintings, magazine covers, etc. in museums throughout the world.
  • TAK FUJIMOTO - award-winning Japanese-American director of photography who is considered one of the most talented camera operators in Hollywood .
  • KIP FULBECK - combines improvisation, stand-up comedy, political activism, and inspiring personal stories to multi-racial issues.
  • WILFREDO LAM - Cuban painter, printmaker and sculptor, Wifredo Lam is best known for his own style of art, created by fusing Surrealism and Cubism with the colors and form of the Caribbean.
  • HAYAO MIYAZAKI - widely acclaim and admired animator from Japan
  • ELLEN POON - Visual Effects Supervisor for many high-profiled films
  • JADE SNOW - she is one of the prominent practitioner of studio pottery
  • HENRY SUGIMOTO - remarkable and unique artist whose art direction drastically changed during the WWII Japanese Internment Camp era.
  • TAK TOYOSHIMA - art director for the alternative news weekly Boston's Weekly Dig.. Since 1999, his weekly "Secret Asian Man" comic strips have provided a sometimes brutal yet honest perspective on the experience of growing up Asian American in America.
  • PEARL UBUNGEN - A fourth generation Filipina American creates work that reflects an authentic urban landscape through an innovative use of post-modern dance with elements of theatre, text, popular culture and original live music.
  • TYRUS WONG - Painter, lithographer, designer and Disney legend
  • PHIL YEH - He has painted murals in 49 U.S. states, 3 Canadian provinces, Mexico, China, Hungary, Italy, England, Taiwan, Germany, Singapore and Japan - in addition to 58 books. He was honored by Mrs. Bush at the White House for his literacy work!
  • CHE AHN - Pastor of Harvest Rock Church who has drawn thousands of people to his various events throughout the United States.
  • RICHARD AOKI - prominent community activist who is the field marshal for the Black Panther Party, Third World Liberation Front leader, professor, etc and started his protests in the 1960's.
  • GRACE LEE BOGGS - 1st generation NYC-based Chinese American has been a speaker, writer, and movement activist primarily in Detroit's African American community for the past fifty-five years. Raised during a time when her father was not allowed to buy land because he was Chinese, she was in her twenties when she was inspired to become involved in civil rights and dedicate her life to social justice. Her autobiography, "Living For Change," is a sweeping account of her life as an untraditional radical from the end of the 1930s, through the cold war, the civil rights era, and the rise of Black Power and the Black Panthers, to the present efforts to rebuild America's crumbling urban communities.
  • MILTON CHEN - leading expert in the educational field and multi-ethnic relations
  • NORIKO SAWADA BRIDGES FLYNN - Japanese American civil-rights activist and writer who successfully challenged Nevada's law barring mixed marriages
  • HEATHER FONG - San Francisco's Deputy Chief (S.F.'s highest ranking Asian American law enforcement management)
  • DAVID HO - pioneer in the treatment of AIDS and won the Times "Man of the Year" award.
  • FENG SHAN HO - As consul general for the Chinese Nationalist government in Vienna, after Adolf Hitler invaded Austria in 1938, Mr. Feng Shan Ho helped many Jews escape the Nazis by issuing them visas to China. He was one of a handful of Gentile diplomats identified by Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial who saved the lives of more than 200,000 European Jews.
  • YUJI ICHIOKA - created the phrase "Asian American" and renowned Asian American historian
  • YURI KOCHIYAMA - a central figure Asian Pacific American history and the civil rights movement who has been featured in the documentaries "My America ... Or Honk If You Love Buddha" and "Yuri Kochiyama: A Passion for Justice," who dedicated her life to political activism, participating in issues such as nuclear disarmament, Japanese American redress and reparations, and international prisoners' rights. and had a friendship with Malcolm X.
  • FRED KOREMATSU - this Oakland civil rights crusader is the honorary chairman of the California Civil Rights Commission on Hate Crimes, who advises the attorney general on finding ways to improve diversity, train law enforcement officers and monitor extremist hate groups. During World War II, Korematsu's legal challenges to civilian exclusion orders helped spur the redress movement for Japanese Americans. He won the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor in 1998.
  • DAPHINE KWOK - Executive Director of the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS)
  • ALBERTA LEE - Dr. Lee's daughter who became an impassioned spokesperson for her father and Asian American civil rights.
  • DR. HENRY LEE - Commissioner Dr. Henry Lee is the head of Connecticut's state police force and the most prominent Asian American in law enforcement. This world famous forensic criminologist, called Connecticut's Sherlock Holmes and known for engaging and entertaining presentations, has made breakthrough discoveries in several famous investigations, including the Nicole Brown Simpson murder case.
  • WEN HO LEE - Chinese American scientist who has been labeled as a "spy" by the press (N.Y. Times), yet has been charged of espionage. Despite previous examples of "similar" situations, learn how he has been treated differently!
  • GARY MAR - Founder & Dir. of Philosophy Dept. Logic Lab & Philosophy. Dir. of Stony Brook University's first Asian American Center Bridge - temporary home of the $25 million Charles B. Wang Asian American Center.
  • WILLIAM "MO" MARUMOTO - first APA to serve at the White House at an Executive level & member of President's Advisory Committee at Kennedy Center.
  • KAREN NARASAKI - Executive Director of the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium, Executive Committee of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights as the Chairperson of its Compliance/Enforcement Committee and is Chairperson of the National Network Against Anti-Asian Violence.
  • ROSE ICHI - Executive Director of the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium, Executive Committee of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights as the Chairperson of its Compliance/Enforcement Committee and is Chairperson of the National Network Against Anti-Asian Violence.
  • DANNY SEO - Internationally renown activist, author and public speaker
  • CHARLIE SOONG - Duke's 1st International student and Methodist minister turned wealthy businessman whose daughters married Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek
  • CHIUNE "SEMPO" SUGIHARA - Japanese Vice-Consul to Lithuania in 1940, is credited with saving the second largest number of Jews from the Holocaust.
  • JUDGE ROBERT TAKASUGI - California Supreme Court Judge who has ruled on many important cases
  • DR. CHANG-LIN TIEN - former chancellor and professor at UC Berkeley is a leading voice in Asian American politics while being a co-founder of 80-20.
  • JAN TING - professor of law who is an advocate for "alien rights."
  • L. LING-CHI WANG - an uncompromising Bay-area community activist who co-founded Chinese for Affirmative Action
  • TAKUJI YAMASHITA - Takuyamashita Yamashita was one of the century's earliest civil-rights crusaders, a prescient forerunner to the likes of Clarence Darrow and Thurgood Marshall.
  • DEBRA YANG - Santa Monica Superior Court Judge and the first Asian American to serve as U.S. attorney for California's Central Judicial District.
  • YEH LING-LING - CEO of Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable American (DASA whose purpose is to limit immigration.)
  • HELEN ZIA - is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an American People. She is an award-winning journalist and a contributing editor to Ms. Magazine. Ms. Zia has been an activist in the Asian American community for many years.
  • DARREN LEE - dancer last scene in the movie "Chicago"
  • EDWARD LIANG - Soloist with New York City Ballet
  • LOUISE MITA JUNG - Acclaimed dancer/choreographer whose dancing has been seen in countless videos, movies, shows and performances for Great Leap
  • FANG YI SHEU - Featured dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company
  • JUNE WATANABE - Highly acclaimed dancer/choreographer whose themes are often drawn from Asian Pacific American history.
  • APA MEDIA COALITION - ad hoc group of people interested in advocating for greater diversity in network television and other media. Groups include MANAA, East West Players, Visual Communications, NAATA, Asian American Coalition for Total Inclusion On the Networks (AACTION), OCA and the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium (NAPALC).
  • WENDA FONG - Director of Diversity Development Department (FOX/P.O. Box 900/Bldg. 100, Room 4555/Beverly Hills, CA 90213-900/if using a messenger:10201 W. Pico Blvd., Bldg. 100, Room 4555/10201 W. Pico Blvd., Bldg. 100, Room 4555/310-369-4110)
  • MICHAEL JACK - As of June 2002, appointed Chief of Diversity (replacing Paula Madison)- along with his appointment as President and General Manager of WRC-TV (NBC's Washington station. Bob Wright, NBC's Chairman and Chief Executive, stated that "a pure ethnic show don't have to be spectacular to succeed. With us, they've got to be very good."
  • PAULA MADISON - NBC's Vice-President of Diversity (NBC/3000 W. Alameda Avenue/Burbank, CA 91523/818-840-4444). NBC's Bob Wright's Diversity Statement states in part: "Years ago, NBC voluntarily implemented a mandatory training program in diversity for all employees. These sessions aim to increase awareness of and sensitivity to diversity issues in the workplace. NBC's commitment to diversity manifests itself in the programming we produce and air as well." Marc Hirshfield (Executive V.P. Casting of NBC Entertainment) is also involved. As of June 2002, when Michael Jack replaced her, her duties included integrating the staffs and mission of NBC with Telemundo - the second largest Spanish language television in the country. She will remain president and general manager of KNBC-TV and will lead the entertainment team of the diversity initiative at the network on a temporary basis, until Michael Jack gets up and running.
  • JOSIE THOMAS - CBS' Head of Diversity/Senior V.P. (CBS/51 W. 52nd Street/New York, NY 10019/212-975-4321)
  • ALEX WALLAU - President, ABC Television Network Administration & Operations (in light that there is no diversity department, he’s taken the initiative. Carmen Smith has been EWP’s contact person. (ABC, Inc./2040 Avenue of the Stars/Los Angeles, CA 90067/310/557-7777)
  • MITSY WILSON - Fox's Head of Diversity/Sr. V.P. of Diversity Development Department (FOX/10201 W. Pico Blvd/Bldg.100, Room 5075/ Los Angeles, CA 90035/310-369-1000)
  • GRACE WU - Casting director for NBC Productions. She was in charge of the casting of Friends, 3rd Rock, Just Shoot Me, Caroline In The City and others.
  • JIMMY CHOO - one of the most popular footwear designers in the world
  • ELLE HAMM - clothing designer, tv emcee, entrepeneur and music artist
  • EUGENIA KIM - acclaim Korean American hat designer has had stores in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, and London.
  • JOSIE NATORI - founder and CEO of Natori Company, a women's clothier specializing in elegant lingerie and sophisticated, romantic daywear with a combined sales revenue of more than $50 million annually.
  • ANJALI PATHAK - designer of Indo-American tee-shirts and tote bags
  • VIVIENNE TAM - Her dresses can be seen in the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pa. & London's Victoria, Albert Museum, Glasgow's Lighthouse and Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She was included in People magazine's list of "50 Most Beautiful People."
  • ZANG TOI - Malaysian-born clothes designer who has worked with Sharon Stone and Ivana Trump
  • DEBORAH CHUNG - invented and patented the "smart cement"
  • YUE SAI KAN - created a Chinese "Fashion Doll" called Yue Sai Wa Wa (wa wa means both "doll" and "little girl" in Chinese). to great success
  • JOE YEE - With its impressive catch record, his Joe Yee Lures' "Super Plunger" is the ultimate tool for catching some very large fish
  • REAR ADMIRAL MING CHANG - retired after 34 years of service from the U.S. Navy as the highest ranking Chinese American in the military. Career included assignments in Navy's cruiser and destroyer commands deployed to the Mediterranean, Norwegian Sea, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and the Persian Gulf. He's received the Legion of Merit with three gold stars; the Bronze Star; the Spanish Cross of Aeronautical Merit with White Ribbon; and the West German Meritorious Iron Cross First Class. He currently holds a dual post of Vice President and Corporate Director for the Pacific Region at Raytheon International, Inc.
  • CAPTAIN TED LIEU - Captain in the US Air Force
  • BRIGADIER GENERAL CORAL WONG PIETSCH - first Asian American woman to hold the rank of Brigadier General in the Army
  • GENERAL ERIC K. SHINSEKI - 4 Star General (highest ranking Asian Pacific American in the Army.
  • DEVON AOKI - She the Spring 2000's face of Chanel
  • ANGELA HARRY - high-profiled model is half Korean/half English
  • IRINA PANTAEVA - Irina Pantaeva is the 1st asian descent model for the Sports Illustrated's 1998Swimsuit Issue.
  • AUDREY QUOCK - Audrey Quock is the 2nd asian descent model for the Sports 1999's Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
  • LING TAN - Malaysian-born model is a favorite of many clothes designers
  • FORBIDDEN CITY NIGHT CLUB - Night club featured accomplished and renown performers. Dancers included Dorothy Toy Fong (tap dancer/actress), Stanley Toy (dancer), Bertha Lew Hing (dancer, magician), Dorothy Sun Murray (dancer), Lew Hing (dancer, magician), Dorothy Sun Murray (dancer), Jade Ling (actress/dancer), Marion Fong Got (dancer) and Noel Toy (dancer). Singers included Larry Ching (singer), Frances Chun Kan (singer), Ivy Tam (dancer/Mrs. Charlie Low) and Lily Pon (dancer, singer). These performers were featured in Arthur Dong's "Forbidden City USA" documentary
  • ARTHUR DONG - along with "Forbidden City USA" (about the Chinese American night club in San Francisco), he has produced award-winning films and videos that combine the art of the visual medium with an investigation of social issues.

  • RICARDO ALVARADO - Exhibit "Through My Father's Eyes" document Filipino American history during the 1940's and 1950's
  • TAK FUJIMOTO - Award-winning "Director of Photography" for many high-profiled Hollywood films
  • CORKY LEE - often known as the "Unofficial Undisputed Asian American Photographer Laureate"
  • NIKKI S. LEE - artist who explores cultural and ethnic identity through her subjects.
  • REAGAN LOUIE - professor of photography at the San Francisco Art Institute since 1976
  • NORBERT WU - independent photographer and filmmaker who specializes in marine issues

  • ANIDA YOEU ESGUERRA - She is a prominent spoken artist and member of the group “I Was Born With Two Tongues.”

  • U.S. SENATOR DANIEL KAHIKINA AKAKA OF HAWAII - a Democrat, has served in the United States Senate since 1990 to complete the term of the late Senator Spark M. Matsunaga. He was elected to his current term in November 1994 with over 70 percent of the popular vote--the largest margin of victory in the Senate that year. Senator Akaka is the first U.S. Senator of Native Hawaiian ancestry and is the only Chinese American member of the Senate.
  • WILMA CHAN - is California Assembly’s first Majority Leader
  • ELAINE CHAO - in 2000, was appointed to President Bush's cabinet. She was president and chief executive officer of United Way of America (UWA) in August 1996 to serve as a distinguished fellow at The Heritage Foundation, a prominent policy research institute in Washington, DC. She is currently married to Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky.
  • SATVEER CHAUDHARY - is the third South Asian American elected legislator in United States history. He's also Minnesota's first Asian Pacific American to hold elected office and one of only two South Asian Americans currently in office nationwide.
  • EDWARD CHEN - First Asian American on San Francisco Federal Bench.
  • ALAN CHEUNG - He is the first Asian to break through the "glass ceiling" in Montgomery County politics and state government. He's a member of Montgomery County Board of Education.
  • MARTHA CHOE - a member of the Seattle City Council, Director of Economic Development for Washington state and a past Chair of the President's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
  • VIET DINH - is the highest-ranking Vietnamese American official in the Bush Administration, working as assistant attorney general overseeing the Office of Legal Policy
  • MARCH FONG EU - prominent California politician who has broken many barriers for Asian Americans and women in politics.
  • MATT FONG - son of former California Secretary of State March Fong Eu (Democrat) is a Republican.
  • DANIEL INOUYE - elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1959 as Hawaii's first Congressman, and then to the U.S. Senate in 1962 till 2002 was a distinguished war veteran.
  • BOBBY JINDAL - Baton Rouge, La., native Bobby Jindal, a whiz kid takes the reins of Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals and appointed in February 1998 to serve as the Executive Director of the National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare in Washington, D.C. Jindal was named President of Louisiana's largest College System.
  • TONY LAM - the first Vietnamese American to hold an elected office
  • BILL LANN LEE - became Washington's 21st governor on Nov. 5, 1996, making him the first Chinese-American governor in U.S. history
  • SUSAN C. LEE - first APA women to serve in Maryland’s state legislature.
  • MICHAEL LIU - Assistant Secretary at HUD
  • GARY LOCKE - became Washington's 21st governor on Nov. 5, 1996, making him the first Chinese-American governor in U.S. history
  • ROBERT MATSUI - He's a member of the Ways & Means Committee & helped push NAFTA through.
  • PATSY MINK - she was the first Asian American and woman of color to be elected to Congress.
  • SUSAN OKI MOLLWAY - the first Asian Pacific American woman ever to serve as a federal district court judge (Hawaii).
  • ROBERT T. MATSUI (D) CALIFORNIA - Elected to Congress in 1978, Robert T. Matsui has gained a national and international reputation as an effective, strategic leader on far-reaching and complex public policy issues including international trade, social security, tax policy, public health and free and fair trade initiatives. He has also served two decades on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. Congressman Matsui has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Anti Defamation League for his work mentioned above and with children.
  • NORMAN MINETA - this prominet APA politician become our community's first Cabinet member. Click for more details.
  • RUBY G. MOY - In 1997, eight Commissioners on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights unanimously approved the President's nominee Ruby G. Moy to be Staff Director of the Commission. Dutes include to investigate complaints civil rights infringement in all forms, collect information, to appraise Federal laws/policies to the violations, serve as a clearinghouse for info, submit reports to the President/Congress and issue PSA's to discourage equal protection of the laws.
  • SUSAN OKI MOLLWAY - the first Asian Pacific American woman ever to serve as a federal district court judge (Hawaii).
  • BICH NGOC NGUYEN - Acting Director of Bi-Lingual Education
  • LAN NGUYEN - 1st Vietnamese American elected to a school board
  • H.K. PARK - was the Special Assistant to the Defense Department's Chief of Staff from 1999 to 2001, Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Civil Support, Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and currently a Senior Associate at the Cohen Group.
  • DANG PHAM - Executive Director of San Francisco’s Immigrant Rights Commission
  • PAUL SHIN - the first Korean- American to be elected a state senator
  • DAHLIP SINGH SAUND - In 1952 became the first Asian American and the only Asian Indian to have ever been elected to Congress from a mainland state. His poignant and immortal quote "There is no room in the United States of America for second-class citizenship" applies even more today!
  • BARRETT THANG - 1st Vietnamese American Superior Court Judge
  • KIP TOKUDA - US Representative from Washington State.
  • ROBERT UNDERWOOD - He was Guam's representative for five terms.
  • DAVID WU - US Representative from Oregon
  • ELAINE CHAO - Secretary for the Department of Labor
  • DR. JACK CHOW - Ambassador - Designee (Special Representative of the Secretary of State for HIV/AIDS) for the Department of State
  • DR. DAVID CHU - Under Secretary for Personnel and Readiness for the Department of Defense
  • MARGARET S.Y. CHU - Director for the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste in the Department of Energy
  • SHINAE CHUN - Director for the Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau
  • VIET DINH - Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy in the Department of Justice
  • DR. JOSEPH J. JEN - Under Secretary in the Department of Agriculture’s Research, Education and Economics Department
  • BOBBY PIYUSH JINDAL - Assistant Secretary for Planning and Education in the Department of Health and Human Services
  • SHINQ-CHERN (SEAN) LIOU - U.S. Attorney for the District of Hawaii
  • EDWARD HACHRO KUBO - U.S. Attorney for the District of Hawaii
  • MICHAEL MINORU FAWN - Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing in the Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • NORMAN MINETA - Secretary for the Department of Transportation
  • SAMUEL T. MOK - Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Labor
  • SHIRIN RAZIUDDIN - U.S. Representative to the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council/Human Rights Commission in the Department of South Asia Program/Foreign Policy Institute
  • SICHAN SIV - Ambassador to the United Nations in the Economic and Social Council from the Department of State
  • DR. GEORGE THOMAS - Serve on the Bush Administration's National Heart, Lung and Blood Advisory Council of the National Institutes of Health till 2005.
  • ALL AMERICAN GIRL - For 19 episodes from Sept 14, 1994 to March 22, 1995, they were the first sitcom featuring an APA cast on a major network. eries included Margaret Cho, Jodi Long, Clyde Kusatsu, B.D. Wong, J.B. Quon, Amy Hill, Maddie Corman, Judy Gold and Eric/Ashley Johnson
  • MARTIAL LAW - First Asian American television show to survive its first season. Cast features Sammo Hung and Kelly Hu.
  • THE CENTER - Amerie stars in this daily BET program.

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