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Categories of Prominent Artists, Leaders, Visionaries, Athletes and Business People Listed Below
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Within the world of business, there are many leaders and innovators of Asian/Asian Pacific American descent that have made invaluable contributions that have benefited many people within the United States and/or directly affected by their efforts in America. These important leaders are divided in the various categories that are listed below. Click are the "links" to discover more information on these talented trailblazers.

  Cuisine Fashion Finances/Banking Gaming Media  
  Multinational Philanthropists Politics/Government Services Technology  

Technology       (Click HERE to return to the top of the "Business Leaders Section")
  • WANG AN - In the 70s and 80s, his own inventions helped Wang Laboratories become a major manufacturer of the prototypical desktop computers used in laboratories and schools. Throughout those years, Wang oversaw an uninterrupted series of more compact and efficient instruments and systems for use in office automation and information processing. Wang was also a noteworthy philanthropist whose efforts and funds continue to foster the arts and sciences, especially in and around the city of Boston.
  • HIMANNSHU BHATIA - Chief Executive of Rose International
  • SABEER BHATIA - founded (w/Jack Smith) founded Hotmail, one of the Internet's first Web-based e-mail service providers
  • STEVE SHIH CHEN - this risk taker from Taiwan left the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign a semester and a half early to work for PayPal. Steve was drawn to PayPal partly because several U. of I. alums worked there, including PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, who in turn was eager to hire Steve because of his educational background. Al Gore tapped Steve on the shoulder outside the bathroom (of a GQ part in West Hollywood) to congratulate him on the success of YouTube (a company he founded with Chad Meredith Hurley - who is married to Kathy Clark, the daughter of the legendary Silicon Valley entrepreneur James Clark - and Jawed Karim) which is to video browsing what a Wal-Mart Supercenter is to shopping: everything is there, and all you have to do is walk in the door. YouTube was sold to Google for $1.65 billion dollars.
  • DAVID EUN - VP of Content Partnerships for Google This graduate (Magna Cum Laude in Government) of Harvard Law School oversees Google's partnerships and alliances with leading providers of content and information. In this capacity, he directs the business development and operational execution of deals with Google's print, multimedia, and local content partners. He also works closely with Google's product management and engineering organizations to develop new products and services with this content. Prior to joining Google, David was at Time Warner as the Chief of Staff for the Media & Communications Group. efore joining Time Warner, he was a partner at Arts Alliance, a trans-Atlantic venture capital firm focusing on digital media, information technology and business services.
  • GAUTAM GODHWANI - Only a few years out of UC Berkeley, he helped start an Internet company called AtWeb from his parents' basement, and Netscape snapped it up in 1998 for $93 million. He celebrated by buying a Porsche 911 and a San Francisco apartment with three bedrooms and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Then he quit work and traveled the world first-class. Not sure what to do next, he founded and ran a community center for Indian Americans. But, as is typical in Silicon Valley, the urge to innovate brought him back to the office. Now 34, he's plugging away in Mountain View at an online job-listing start-up called Simply Hired.
  • KEIKO HARVEY - Verizon's Senior Vice-President of Advance Services and Digital Subscriber Lines (business & consumr)
  • JOSHUA HONG - Co-founder and CEO of K2 Network
  • MING HSIEH - Pasadena native Hsieh became a billionaire when Cogent Inc., which makes fingerprint identification systems, went public in 2004. As a child in China, he missed school for 10 years during the Cultural Revolution, when his family was sent to a remote village to work on a rice farm. His parents, both college graduates, improvised with scavenged textbooks, teaching Ming and his brother by candlelight in their one-room shanty. Hsieh's father had been an electrical engineer for the power authority and his mother was a high school literature teacher. In 1990, he founded Cogent in South Pasadena with Archie Yew, another USC graduate. They won their first contract, from the Los Angeles County Department of Social Services, to create a fingerprint ID system to prevent welfare fraud.
  • TONY HSIEH - Tony and Alfred Lin formed Venture Frogs. They were the founding team of LinkExchange which was acquired by Microsoft for $265 million in November 1998. Their company focused on the Internet, e-commerce, information, and telecommunications technology markets, Venture Frogs provides investment in and consulting for private companies which are in early development of new strategic opportunities and in a phase of unusual growth. Investments typically range in size from $100k to $3 million.
  • GENE KAN - innovative and creative computer programmer whose ability to clearly communicate made him the unofficial spokesman for Gnutella and for file-sharing applications in general.
  • JEONG KIM - Group President at Lucent Technologies after his company (Yurie Systems) was purchased. He has won numerous awards and is ranked the 20th richest person in America under the age of 40.
  • LIU CHUANZHI - Chairman of Legend Holdings (2001) which is China's—and Asia's—leading manufacturer of PCs.
  • NARAYANA MURTHY - Co-Founder and CEO of Infosys Technology
  • PREMAL SHAH - With a Stanford degree and PayPal experience under his belt, Premal Shah (President of, Shah is helping connect individuals across continents to support unique small businesses in developing countries. Users can peruse small business profiles and then choose to sponsor a needy business via a loan of small or large amounts - an eBay meets MySpace for microfinance, a mechanism by which every person can encourage and support economic independence throughout the world.
  • DONALD TSANG - David, a famous Chinese who built up the Oak Technology, has contributed a lot to the technology of computer science in the Silicon Valley. Parts of computers, DVD plays, Video player, CD-ROM, and PC (3D), all, are the inceptions and products of Oak Technology.
  • LEO S. TING - He joined Hewlett-Packard and managed three major organizations: HP Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. In 1989, he took a two-year leave from HP to join the venture capital firm Hambrecht and Quist, where he served as Senior Vice President and led their expansion into Asia. He is now active as a venture capitalist in California
  • JOHN TU - Successful co-founder (along with David Sun) of Kingston Technology
  • CHARLES WANG - This Shanghai native (Mao drove the family out) Charles Wang founded Computer Associates, Inc in 1976 with 3 associates, a single product and a simple idea: that technology must serve business. Computer Associates has proven itself to be an ingenious company, ranking as the third largest software company worldwide and the world leader in mission-critical business software.. Under Wang's guidance, the company's net worth has expanded to $25 billion, with revenue of $4.7 billion in fiscal year 1998 and employs more than 11,000 people in 43 countries. In addition, Mr. Wang is the author of TECHNO VISION II: Every Executive's Guide to Understanding and Mastering Technology - in addition to owning hockey's New York Islanders!
  • PADMASREE WARRIOR - the Economic Times ranked Motorola's executive vice president and chief technology officer, Padmasree Warrior, as the 11th Most Influential Global Indian, she makes our top 10. Warrior is responsible for the company's $3.7 billion research and development investment and 25,000 engineers. She has been credited with crafting much of Motorola's strategy around seamless mobility, and now the world is taking note. Recent honors include Working Woman's "Women Elevating Science and Technology" and a Distinguished Alumni award from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.
  • JERRY YANG - Co-Founded Yahoo! with David Filo. His company's success and involvement with the entertainment communities, which has made him worth $1.4 billion in 2003, is now led by Terry Semel
Finances/Banking/Trade/Venture Capital       (Click HERE to return to the top of the "Business Leaders Section")
  • SUSAN AU ALLEN - is President of the United States Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC), and chair of the Excellence 2000 Awards. She is also an lawyer at Paul Shearman Allen & Associates
  • GARETH CC CHANG - Chairman of GC-3, Cinema Entertainment Group, Alpha Media and others
  • ANTHONY HSIEH - Successful owner of HomeLoanCenter.Com sold his online mortgage company to Lending Tree
  • JOHN HUANG - Democratic Fund-Raiser that was convicted of violation campaign finance laws.
  • FRANK JAO - Jao got his start in the 1970s with a strip of vacant industrial buildings that he turned into a shopping center serving his fellow Vietnamese exiles. The man known as the "Godfather of Little Saigon" has owned or developed roughly three-quarters of Orange County's best-known ethnic commercial enclave and remains the community's biggest landlord with 1,500 business tenants lease space in the half a dozen developments. His latest ventures include the district's first major residential project. Also, Coastline Community College has opened a Little Saigon-area campus, thanks in part to his largesse.
  • MICHAEL LEE-CHIN - he has $2.2 billion in assets, his own bank and a $60-million Global Express jet just like Bill Gates's.
  • RALPH LIU - started an exchange for hedging real
  • TAE HEA NAHM - Venture Capitalist started "Storm Ventures"
  • SUNG WON SOHN - High-profiled economist became Hanmi Financial's CEO in 2005
  • VICTOR HWANG - President and Chief Operating Officer of Larta Institute, where he oversees the formation and execution of strategy. Larta Institute is among the most prominent national organizations that accelerate the transition of technology into the marketplace. Since 1993, Larta has helped thousands of technology companies grow.
  • THOMAS WU - President and CEO of San Francisco-based United Commercial Bank - the nation's largest bank serving the Chinese-American community. Bank has $2.4 billion in assets and 27 branches throughout California
Gaming       (Click HERE to return to the top of the "Business Leaders Section")
  • LEO CHU - Leo Chu is the president of California Casinos Management Inc., and Century Gaming, companies involved in ownership and management of Crystal Park Casino and Hollywood Park Casino, respectively.
  • DENNIS FUNG - the King of Computer Gamers has achieve a great deal of success and money by the age of 22!
  • CYRUS LAM - has been an artist in the computer game industry for over 10 years. He got his start at Strategic Simulations Inc., creating computer artwork for games based on the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons license. In March of 2000, Cyrus cofounded Inevitable Entertainment - a video game development company dedicated to creating innovative product for the next generation game consoles. He serves as Inevitable's Art Director.
  • CUNG LE - former world championship fighter and one of biggest draw of PPV fight events owns a series of “UsH” that owns training centers, produces live events/workout vides and sports merchandise.
Media       (Click HERE to return to the top of the "Business Leaders Section")
  • NOEL LEE - He pursued his music passions by quitting his job as engineer at Lawrence Livermore Lab where he was playing a key role in the setting up of the then top-secret laser-fusion experiments in 1972 to tour with his all-Asian country-rock band called Asian Wood. His love of listening to music that resulting in his quest to improve the quality of the sound coming out of his speakers, Lee discovered that the conductivity of speaker cables was crucial. He created speaker cables of quality copper with gold-plated connections and decided to make a business of it. Convincing audiophiles that expensive speakers were wasted on cheap cables, Monster Cable. The company became the Bay Area's biggest private Asian-owned employer with 750 employees at its Brisbane facility. In an age when hi-tech is king, especially among ambitious Asian Americans, Noel Lee has shown that lo-tech executed with passion and flair could trump a local multi-billion-dollar hi-tech icon.
  • ARTHUR LIU - his Multicultural Radio Broadcasting is a prominent multi-ethnic network of 30 radio stations. His history of bringing Western culture to the Chinese community in Asia and the U.S., he has built him empire of radio stations throughout the United States.
  • JOHN SIE - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Starz Encore Group LLC (Starz Encore), one of the largest and fastest-growing owners of premium cable networks, as well as the International Channel, the nation's premier in-language cable network for immigrant Americans
  • WANG FAMILY - Their rags-to-riches story started with a penniless immigrant John Ta Chuan Fang arriving from Taiwan in the early 1950s to a small job at a printing shop that has become a media dynasty with distribution in excess of 1,000,000 copies in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties through the Independent, the nationally distributed Asian Week, and San Francisco Examiner, along with potent political connections that has awed many in San Francisco’s Chinese American communities
  • KENNETH WONG - Former president of Walt Disney Imagineering and president of Pop.Com
  • HENRY YUEN - Started GemStar, that purchased TV Guide Online. Eventually purchased by News Media and ousted.
Philanthropists       (Click HERE to return to the top of the "Business Leaders Section")
  • GEORGE ARATANI - the California-born native used philanthropy (through his Aratani Foundation) to fight prejudice. He acquired the ability to give through his success of Mikasa Chinaware and Kenwood Electronics (that he formed with Bill Kasuga and Yoichi Nakase) to be a "quiet" but high-impact philanthropist (i.e. Internment Studies at UCLA, Japanese American Nationial Museum, National Japanese American Memorial in Washington D.C., etc.). He has utilized the wisdom gained from his wartime internment tragedies (where his family lost their entire fortune) to use philanthropy to fight the prejudice and fear that many Japanese Americans lived through that is at the root of his giving of approximately $10 million dollars: His goal is to help institutions involved with Japanese Americans help others with similar legacies of discrimination and loss. He states that his giving and entrepreneurial spirit is inspired by the example of his father, Setsuo Aratani.
  • MIN KAO - Garmin Chairman and Chief Executive Min Kao has given $17.5 million to his alma mater, the University of Tennessee. Dr. Min Kao co-founded Garmin Corporation with Gary Burrell in October 1989 to integrate Global Positioning System (GPS) technology into navigation devices for multiple markets.
  • CHONG-MOON LEE - Seoul-born Korean-American businessman Chong Moon Lee, founder and chairman of Diamond Multimedia, a leading manufacturer of graphics and accelerator cards for personal computer systems, donated the $15 million to move the Asian Art Museum (that includes the Avery Brundage Collection - single finest comprehensive collection of Asian art in the nation - from Golden Gate Park to a reconverted San Francisco Public Library building on the Civic Center.
  • SCOTT OKI - former Microsoft SVP of Sales and Marketing, has used his estimated $750 million fortune to create the Oki (non-profit) Foundation. Oki sits on the boards of 20+ nonprofits and manages his investment company, Oki Developments.
Fashion       (Click HERE to return to the top of the "Business Leaders Section")
  • ANDREA JUNG - President at Avon. She oversees all of Avon's international operations and soon to be COO. She joined Avon in January 1994 as senior vice president, product marketing, and was promoted to her last position in March 1997 before her presidency.
  • CHLOE DAO - a Vietnamese born in Pakse Laos, opened Lot 8 boutique - one of Houston's premiere boutiques
  • YUI SAI KAN - created Chinese fashion doll
  • REI KAWABUKO - founder of Comme des Garcons that specializes in anti-fashion, austere, sometimes deconstructed garments, sometimes lacking a sleeve or other component. Her garments are primarily in black, dark gray, and white, often worn with combat boots. Her designs have inspired many new designers like e.g.the Belgian Martin Margiela and Ann Demeulemeester, as well as Austrian designer Helmut Lang.
  • SABRINA KAY - Chairman and CEO of Fremont Private Investments, Inc (FPI) and the founder of California Design College (CDC). Member of Villaraigosa transition team in 2005.
  • MICHAEL LAU - Hong Kong artist introduced his series of "Gardener" figures based on his comic strip of the same name that the East Touch magazine began running in 1998. They were 10-inch pieces were like one-of-a-kind, ultra-detailed action figures influenced by street art, skateboarding and modern design. His next step was to create the "Crazychildren" series. More stylized than the G.I. Joe-like Gardeners, the vinyl figurines with moveable limbs combined the geometry of modernist sculptures with the flowing lines and energy of graffiti. He also opened a Hong Kong toy shop that's set up like a high-end gallery, with a high ceiling and minimalist fixtures.
  • DEREK LAM - Upcoming fashion designer that designed Ms. Barbara Bush attire during the 2004 inaugural activities.
  • (DIANE) MONIQUE LHUILLIER - This Filipina designed the wedding dress for Britney Spears and Kevin Costner's new bride (Christine Baumgartner). Other celebrities who have worn her creations include Allison Janney from "West Wing," Jamie-Lynn DiScala of "Sopranos," Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Connelly, Janet Jackson, Debra Messing, Sharon Stone and Lea Salonga. Within six short years, Monique Lhuillier (runned by her husband - Tom Bugbee) has established herself as one of the leading bridal designers.
  • JENNY MING - She became president of Old Navy after being part of the management team that led the creation in 1994 of Old Navy, which became the fastest-growing apparel retail start-up in U.S. history. Ming was executive vice president of Old Navy prior to her promotion.
  • KIMORA LEE SIMMONS - As the youngest star (13 years old) ever in the House of Chanel. She has modeled for Chanel; Yves St. Laurent; Valentino; Mizrahi; Donna Karan; Ralph Lauren; Armani; Issey Miyaki; Yamamoto, etc. She's the Design Director & Marketing force behind Baby Phat, Kimora Lee Baby Phat Jeans collection - a $40 million annual clothing line.
  • AUGUSTINE TSE - Created Cashmere House to create Chinese brand that competes in the world of haute couture.
  • VERA WANG - she competed as an elite amateur figure skater, worked sixteen years as senior fashion director for Vogue, then two years as design director for Ralph Lauren. With the help of her father, a pharmaceutical tycoon, she was able to expand her lines into evening wear and ready-to-wear categories. Her gowns began draping the much-photographed frames of creatures like Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Meg Ryan and Tyra Banks. So admired has the Vera Wang brand become that its owner has licensed it for a fragrance, jewelry, eyewear, shoes, and a home collection.
  • SUE WONG - started Sue Wong Inc. with Dieter Raabe and Joanie Graham-Pepper making garments in China (Guangzhou, Shantou and Shanghai) to vendors such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Bendel's, Lord and Taylor, and Saks Fifth Avenue.
Cuisine       (Click HERE to return to the top of the "Business Leaders Section")
  • AN FAMILY - Their restaurants have been featured in Esquire Magazine, People Magazine, Wall Street Journal, InStyle Magazine, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Food & Wine as well as on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and the Oprah Show. The Ans are considered the pioneers of Asian fusion cooking. They are the proprietors of the oldest Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco offering signature Euro-Asian cuisine. Crustacean is also one of the first Asian restaurants to break into the mainstream. In 1999, the Ans received the Jacqueline Kennedy Women of Achievement Award.
  • ANDREW & PEGGY CHERNG - This couple built Panda Restaurant Group from a single Pasadena location to a national powerhouse with 423 outlets in 34 states, with 5,000 employees and about $300 million in annual sales - the largest Chinese restaurant chain in history.
  • MICHAEL CHOW - Designer, painter, actor, restaurateur (Mr. Chow Restaurants, collector and frustrated director
  • FRANK FAT - Created the Sacramento restaurant institution "Frank Fat" that was a meeting place of politicians since 1939.
  • WING FAT - Continued the reputation of his father's (Frank Fat) Fat's Restaurants that began in 1939 and become a favorite of many California politicians while becoming a place where legislation is often made.
  • HASTY KHEI (CEO OF MADAME CHOCOLAT - After five years of planning, including more than a year at the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, a year and a half working for Torres in New York and four trips to Brussels to source chocolate, Khoei opened Madame Chocolat, a chocolate boutique and "factory. Rows of chocolates line the marble counter in Khoei's shop, all green and gold and decked out in the style of Louis XVI. But most of the 1,800-square-foot space is devoted to the open chocolate kitchen, in which Khoei's staff fills trays of chocolate-lined molds as tempering machines whir in the background, their wheels spinning melted dark and milk chocolate. The molded chocolates are made with custom chocolate that Khoei buys from the Belgian company Belcolade. They have names such as Ooh-la-la! or C'est la vie! The Monsieur is filled with a Johnny Walker Blue Label ganache. Khoei's shop is strewn with metal statuettes of Madame Chocolat, a svelte woman in a formal dress, rising up from a pool of chocolate. Four plasma screens display pictures of Khoei making chocolate with Torres and his business partner Ken Goto who assisted Torres at Le Cirque for many years.
  • DAVID KIM - Director of Sales Development and Community Relations for Anheuser-Busch
  • CHIEN LUNG - successful late 19th Century businessman known as the "Chinese Potato King"
  • NOBU MATSUHISA - Before the now world-famous Japanese chef came to Southern California, he worked in Peru, where he began incorporating hot chiles into his sushi and sashimi dishes. In L.A., he used not only chile, but garlic, caviar, olive oil, even butter. His original restaurant, Matsuhisa, on La Cienega's restaurant row, was a runaway hit when it opened in 1987. He'd found a flavor profile that made sense to Angelenos craving ever more vivid food. In 1994, when Matsuhisa opened Nobu in New York — financed in part by his biggest fan, Robert De Niro — the Los Angeles chef took Manhattan. He went on to open restaurants in Tokyo and London and Milan, Italy, essentially colonizing the world with his eccentric Latin American-Japanese fusion sushi.
  • XUAN NGO (CEO OF "XUAN CHOCOLATE") - Born in Danang, Vietnam, Ngo grew up mostly in Les Baux de Provence, where his adopted father, chef Jean - André Charial, owns a hotel and Michelin two-star restaurant, Oustau de Baumanière. After high school, his father's connections helped him land a job at Pâtisserie Lenôtre, the Paris bakery renowned for its sweets and chocolate confections, where he worked for four years, mostly baking cakes. Next was New York, where he worked at Daniel Boulud's restaurant Daniel, when François Payard was pastry chef there. In 2000, Ngo moved to Los Angeles to work at Spago and has since worked at Sona and Boule and now as a pastry cook at the Peninsula Beverly Hills. It's only after he finishes his shift at the Peninsula that he begins to make chocolates, working through the night to fill orders sold through Los Angeles-based coffee roaster LA Mill's website. Flavors include chocolate onyx, for which Ngo uses the roaster's Black Onyx coffee, and Earl Grey-infused chocolate. He also makes fleur de sel caramel and ginger and passion fruit chocolates.
  • TODAI RESTAURANTS - Brothers Kaku and Toru Makino founded this thriving sushi-buffet restaurants that is managed by Hans Kim.
  • WAHOO'S FISH TACO - Fast-growing restaurant chain is owned by Ed (Eduardo) Lee, Renato "Mingo" Lee and Wing Lam
Politics & Government       (Click HERE to return to the top of the "Business Leaders Section")
  • JOHNNY CHUNG - Johnny Chung, a Taiwan-born American citizen, gave nearly $400,000 to Democrats from 1994 to 1996, including $100,000 from a Chinese military intelligence officer, and visited the White House nearly 50 times, often with Chinese business clients and was sentenced.
  • TOMMY LE - A U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission program manager who has been consistently involved in school and community activities.
  • CONRAD LEE - U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) administrator of Region 10, which encompasses programs and services in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.
Services       (Click HERE to return to the top of the "Business Leaders Section")
  • TEI-FU & OI LIN CHAN (SUNRIDER INTERNATIONAL) - Upon renewing his early acquaintence/knowledge with the traditional herbal remedies used by Taiwanese of humble at Nature's Way & Nature's Sunshine, Tei-Fu started his own company. Unlike herbal companies that professed to sell remedies for diseases, he wanted to create supplements to keep the body healthy. Tei-Fu began doing precisely the kinds of traditional things from which he had hoped to distance himself by becoming a medical doctor — boiling herbal extracts in the basement of their apartment. To sell his supplements, Tei-Fu built up the kind of multi-level direct marketing scheme used by his former employers. The Chens faced some severe tests such as western suspicions of oriental health traditions, numerous lawsuits were filed claiming injury from Sunrider herbal supplements., scandal pieces by TV networks/newspapers, Tei-Fu Chen's own sister and father filed suits claiming a share of the fast-growing company and Uncle Sam suing for taxes.
  • ED CHIN - his AIS Corp provides corporate insurance packages for AA businesses that were being overcharged
  • MARINA JIANG - The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel's director of diplomatic affairs pampers the world's heads of state at various high-profiled political functions. Jiang, 35, originally from Shanghai, speaks fluent French, German, Chinese and English, and knows greetings in several other languages.
  • SPENCER S. LEE - CEO of Roto Rooter
Multinational       (Click HERE to return to the top of the "Business Leaders Section")
  • CHIU MOON CHAN - Chiu M. Chan, R. Ph., has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Dynacq International, Inc. since July 1992. He is the founder of Dynacq and serves as the Chairman of the Board.
  • HSIN MING FUNG - Partner at Hodgetts & Fung has designed many high-profiled within her architectural practice.
  • KA-SHING LI - Asia's richest and most influential businessman whose businesses centers on the conglomerates Hutchinson Whampoa and Cheung Kong. Read his interviews for additional info.
  • DR. CHIRINJEEV KATHURIA - he and partner, Geoff Sheerin, are behind PlanetSpace, a company competing with the likes of Virgin Galactic in the space tourism industry. Kathuria was a founding director of MirCorp, the company that sent billionaire Dennis Tito into space for $20 million in 2001, and now he wants to expand on those efforts and advancements, giving anyone the opportunity to travel to space. Kathuria has said that PlanetSpace has a list of 3,000 people ready to drop $200,000 for a 30-minute, suborbital jaunt into space and he has reportedly indicated plans to sell a reality show around the space flights.
  • LOIDA NICOLAS - The first Asian woman to pass the New York bar examination was Loida Nicolas, an alumna of the University of the Philippines. In the mid-1990s, she headed the European-based multi-billion dollar business TLC Beatrice International Holdings, Inc. Time Magazine's Thomas McCarroll noted in October 1996: "She is perhaps the only CEO of a multinational company to greet visitors with a hug rather than a handshake."
  • INDRA NOOYI - In 2006, became PepsiCo's CEO - a rare combination of a wife, mother and being the third female CEO of color (the others are Patricia Woertz of Archer Daniels Midland Co. and Irene Rosenfeld of Kraft Foods Inc. while being the 11th female CEO of a Fortune 500 company) U.S. corporations. Previously the Indian-born native was the company's president and CFO. At 51, Nooyi is the highest-ranking woman of her descent in corporate America, and for that she is ranked No. 28 on the Forbes Most Powerful Women list. A risk taker, Nooyi pushed Pepsi beyond soda, first by helping to start the company's fast-food chains in 1997, and later by spearheading the purchase of Tropicana in 1998. She became president and chief financial officer of the company in May 2001, and moved into the corner office last October.Nooyi also serves on other boards, including those at Motorola and New York's Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. She attributes much of her success to her upbringing in India."Being a woman, being foreign-born, you've got to be smarter than anyone else," she has said.
    VIRGINIA P'AN - formed TransCapital Group, a company that helps Western corporations form strategic alliances within the Chinese market.
  • I.M. PEI - one of the U.S.'s most famous architects. The Chinese American architect designed such famous buildings as the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., the Bank of China in Hong Kong, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and the Louvre Pyramid in Paris.
  • HOWARD PIEN - He was appointed chief executive officer of Chiron Corporation in April 2003. He was appointed chairman of the company's board of directors in May 2004. Mr. Pien joined Chiron from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), where he assumed the role of president, pharmaceuticals international, in January of 2001.

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